Lacazette cheats on his long-term girlfriend

Arsenal striker Lacazette cheats on his long-term girlfriend with a stunning nightclub worker

The striker, 28, enjoyed dates with Funda Gedik at £1,500-a-night hotels and introduced her to his family and teammates.

He even texted her while on holiday with his partner of five years, Manon Mogavero, last summer.

But Funda, 23, was left devastated when he confessed after three months of dating that he was not single.

She carried on seeing him hoping he would commit — but now says she feels “completely betrayed”.

Funda, 23, told a pal: “Alex went out of his way to persuade me to go out with him. He promised me the world and his devotion.

Lacazette cheats on his long-term girlfriend

“It’s no surprise I fell so hard for him. He treated me like a princess.

“We regularly stayed at luxury hotels in London like The Sanderson. But then he casually confessed that he had a long-term girlfriend.

“I was shocked. I believed he was single. I was furious and had to hear him tell me about the girl he had been dating for five years and had moved to London with him.

“Alex managed to talk me round and promised there would be a future for us. He made an effort to see me almost every day.

“He messaged all the time — even when he was in Sardinia on holiday during last summer.

“We went out together all the time, especially in Mayfair. Alex was very affectionate and never seemed to care who saw us together.

“It’s amazing we were not spotted before as he is a top Premier League star. But he has made no effort to leave his girlfriend.

“It’s an open secret about me and Alex. Everyone treats us like a couple. I was naive but I really did believe we had a future together.”

Funda’s pal told how the £180,000-a-week star sent messages urging his lover to wear suspenders for romps.

He also asked her if she wanted to smoke shisha pipes or inhale nitrous oxide with him.

He and Funda met in late 2018, a year after his £52million move from Lyon.

They hooked up while Lacazette was on a night out at the Libertine nightclub in Soho, London.

Funda’s pal said that once she got over Lacazette’s confession she continued to see him — hoping he would eventually commit to her.

She even dropped him off for a flight for pre-season training in America and drove Alex’s car.

Lacazette picked her up in his £250,000 Ferrari whenever they met for dates or went to his home in Hampstead, North London.

Funda’s pal said they only went there occasionally as he feared his girlfriend could turn up unannounced.

Lacazette is still believed to be with beauty therapist Manon, who moved to London at the same time as him.

They were snapped on holiday in Sardinia in June. He follows her on Instagram and she is a Facebook pal of his brother Gerome.

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